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Shamwari Group Launches Facebook Booking Application

Date Added : 24 February 2012

Shamwari Group guests can now book their safari through the groups 3 Facebook pages. As a user-friendly tool, guests simply log on via the ‘Booking Enquiry’ tab on the Jock Safari Lodge, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve or Shamwari Game Reserve Facebook pages and receive a 5% discount for being a fan.

Comments Shamwari Group Sales, Marketing and PR Manager Tom Jäger: “Adding our booking application to the Shamwari Game Reserve, Jock Safari Lodge and Sanbona Wildlife Reserve Facebook pages offers our guests a practical option for booking a safari at anytime, anywhere, even when they’re ‘on the go’. It’s also a useful tool for us to measure the influence of social media as more and more of our guests are moving online.”

Click on the property names below to see the Facebook Booking Enquiry pages.

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