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Shamwari Group Wildlife Consulting
Shamwari Wildlife is the wildlife management and development team for the Shamwari Group. Read More
ShamwariWildlife is a member of the Shamwari Group of game reserves and eco lodges. Website designers.

Wildlife Consulting by Shamwari Wildlife

Shamwari Wildlife offers a variety of consulting services, including:

  • Wildlife Development Plans
    Detailed plans for the development of game reserves according to the objectives of the land owner including all aspects of infrastructure, carrying capacities, animal introductions, ecological mapping, required legal permits and proposed staffing.
  • Wildlife Business Plans
    Detailed Development Plans including the forecasted capital expenses, operational costs and potential revenue over a five year period.
  • Wildlife Management Plans
    Detailed plans outlying the management of game reserves in accordance with the owners objectives. Plans will include stocking rates, monitoring programs, and ecological mapping.
  • Ecological Assessments
    Specific ecological assessments as per request including stocking rates, predator suitability and proposed density as well as specific species suitability and management plans
  • GIS Mapping
    Reserve GIS mapping including boundaries, roads, water systems and vegetation classification
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
    Conduct EIAs for any proposed developments

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