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Shamwari Group Wildlife Consulting
Shamwari Wildlife is the wildlife management and development team for the Shamwari Group. Read More
ShamwariWildlife is a member of the Shamwari Group of game reserves and eco lodges. Website designers.

About Us

Shamwari Wildlife has all the resources of the Shamwari Group, equipment and personnel which includes two veterinarians, three ecologists and a variety of qualified wildlife specialists. Shamwari Wildlife is headed by Dr. Johan Joubert, Dr. John O’Brien and Rodney Visser.

Dr Johan Joubert

Dr. Johan Joubert

Johan is a veterinarian and has been the Wildlife Director for the Shamwari Group for 15 years.

During this period he has been responsible for the development and management all the Shamwari Group properties as well as heading the consulting arm for the Shamwari Group, Shamwari Wildlife.

Email Johan

Tel. +27 (0)82 9011 616



John obrien

Dr. John O’Brien

John has been with the Shamwari Group as Group Ecologist for 13 years. Prior to this he had seven years experience as a guide including walking safaris in the Sabi Sand and the Masai Mara.

John has a Masters degree in terrestrial ecology and has a PhD. in Integrated Predator Ecology.

Email John

Tel. +27 (0)72463 7060

Rodney Visser

Rodney Visser

Rodney began his career with The South African Police and soon rose the ranks to become the youngest senior officer in command of one of South Africa’s key covert organized crime units. He has completed training with the FBI amongst other international crime-fighting organisations.

Rodney is a wildlife crime specialist and is responsible for all aspects of safety, security and anti-poaching on the Shamwari Group Game Reserves.

Email Rodney

Tel. +27 (0)762270414

Consulting Experience

Over and above the development and management of all the Shamwari Group Properties, Shamwari Wildlife has extensive experience consulting all over Africa as well as the Middle East and Scotland.

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