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Shamwari Group Wildlife Consulting
Shamwari Wildlife is the wildlife management and development team for the Shamwari Group. Read More
ShamwariWildlife is a member of the Shamwari Group of game reserves and eco lodges. Website designers.

Rhino & Reserve Security

Rhino & Game Reserve SecurityShamwari Wildlife offers reserve security services in the form of risk assessments and designing security plans tailor made for the specific requirements of each reserve in terms of anti-poaching as well as lodge and staff security. We also offer intelligence co-ordination.

  • Anti-poaching capacity development and management
  • Risk assessments
  • Access to wildlife organized crime prevention units
    Security Plans
    Intelligence Co-ordination

Rodney Visser is the Shamwari Wildlife Crime Specialist & is responsible for all aspects of safety security and anti-poaching on the Shamwari Group Game Reserves. Contact Rodney for information on rhino & reserve security.

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